Writing Comics and Original Graphic Novels with Simon Jowett

04/11/2019 - 09/12/2019



Six-week series (£150+VAT). From Monday 4th November until Monday 9th December, 7:30-9pm.

This course assumes a degree of experience in either prose or scriptwriting such that this course would be considered an opportunity to upskill, rather than start from scratch. In the first session, participants ask, “Why Write Comics?”, delving into challenges and opportunities of writing for a medium that is both visual and literary. In weeks two and three, we learn the techniques of breaking down a comic script, the idea being to show how the various tools in a comic writer’s toolkit enable them to compress a story into five pages (for a 2000AD-style anthology) or open it up to 20 (for the US format book). In the following weeks, we discuss the profession by conversing about special relationships with artists and editors, the best way to pitch your graphic novel, and the reality of how to get your work “out there” in the industry.


I've written animation for UK, US and European networks, ranging from silent five-minute comedies for pre-schoolers to big, 'splodey 22-minute action adventures and, more recently, DVD features. My live action credits range from slapstick sketches for pre-schoolers to sitcom for 6-11 year-olds and feature-length adaptations of children's fiction. I've written for games based on classic TV properties, co-scripted a groundbreaking (at the time) mix of console game and SF serial and developed characters, scenarios and scripts for a web-based game rolled out over real time by the BBC. Shane the Chef, a pre-school series I co-created is currently running on Channel 5 and on Amazon Video. under option and in active development and negotiations for the option on a comedy adventure series for older children are currently ongoing. But comics were my first love. My professional writing career began with the sale of a five-page Dr Who script to Marvel Comics. I went on to write comics for Marvel, 2000AD and Dark Horse Comics and I am convinced that my experience writing comics, and the medium’s particular demands upon the writer, equipped me to hit the ground running whatever narrative environment I found myself in.


Monday 4 th November 2019



2 Charlotte Road, London EC2A 3DH

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