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{Detective Fiction Prompt}

Inspired by our event Whodunnit? The Perfect Ending in Detective Fiction, choose from one of the following prompts to submit to the Prompts at Clean Prose short fiction competition:

  1. The murder weapon is a wearable item, that the owner has simply put back on. 


  1. The last line of the story completely changes a previous, tidy conclusion. 


  1. The detective, accidentally or purposefully, consumes the evidence.


{The Details}

Wordcount: 750-1500 words

Deadline: 4pm, Sunday 15th March 2020

Formatting: All text to be 12 point, Times New Roman, 1.5 line spacing 

How to enter: Email your submission as a word document or pdf to with Detective Fiction Prompt submission as your subject line. 

In the body of the email, please include your name, the writing prompt your work is based on (i.e. the Detective Fiction Prompt) and the title of your story. 

Do not paste your submission in the body of the email.

The stories will be judged blind, so do not include your name anywhere in your submission document.

{The Prizes}

Prompts at Clean Prose winners will each receive a 5xDay Pass to Clean Prose and a free ticket to another event at Clean Prose. Their stories will also be entered into the UnPrompted competition

A selection of featured detective fiction books
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