The Jean-Luc Picardesque Musings of Sharon A. Fulton
(she wishes)

WRITING TIP: Make a Promise to Yourself

Take the “DAILY PACES AND CREATIVE SPACES” PLEDGE by filling in this form:

“I, ____________, being of sound mind, body, & sense of humor, pledge that I will write on this/these day/s and hour/s _________________________every single week until I have completed my writing project. When I write at these times, I will write in this space, _________________________, to enhance my creative productivity.”

After writing the pledge, you should print out several copies of the pledge and hang them in your bedroom, cubicle, or any other personal space that you frequent. You may bedazzle these printed pledges if you so desire. In addition, you should put a recurring alarm in your calendar to alert you two hours before your weekly writing hours commence, which should give you time to get to your space and put on your writing cap.

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