The Jean-Luc Picardesque Musings of Sharon A. Fulton
(she wishes)


1. Where do you write?
2. Is there a space you might find more inspirational? Hmmmm….
3. Discover your special space.

SEGMENT ONE: Where am I?

Remember when you recorded your daily paces? Take out your chart and make a note of any spaces where you felt calm, creative, whimsical, and free. Which spaces give you a sense of solace? Can you imagine any place where you’d feel this way? Does this space exist in your life? If not, could you discover this space? Yes!

SEGMENT TWO: Where would I like to be?

Early in the week, write a paragraph (at least 350 words in length) that describes where you imagine yourself writing the novel in an ideal world. There are no restrictions here – you should describe your ideal. Include as many details as you can muster. You have free rein – the sky’s the limit. I would recommend staying in our terrestrial/temporal plane (and preferably in London). How is the space arranged? Is there a desk? Are there people around? Is it clean? Is there music? Is it quiet?

SEGMENT THREE: How can I get there?

Write a paragraph (about 200-300 words in length) that outlines a pragmatic plan how to integrate elements from your ideal creative space into a space that already exists in your daily life. (If you already have an ideal creative space booked at Clean Prose, well done! Woo hoo!) Wherever it is, your creative space should be set aside specifically for writing. It should be the place you ALWAYS GO when your fixed writing hours roll around every week.

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