Clean Prose Brand Partners

The Literary Consultancy Logo

The literary consultancy

The Literary Consultancy is the UK’s longest-established editorial consultancy, and was the first of its kind set up in the UK in 1996. TLC believes that fair, objective feedback can unlock the creative potential of writers at all levels, from emerging to professional. It offers industry-recognised editorial services, one-to-one mentoring, and literary events that focus on cultivating the personal value of writing, equipping writers with the context, confidence, and skills they need to thrive and flourish. Find out more at or on Twitter @TLCUK. TLC offers our Clean Prose Members discounted offers on their services, and more information is available here.

the empowered author

The Empowered Author

Created and run by one of our Founding Members, Sam Missingham, The Empowered Author is a digital platform designed to offer writer’s an all-in-one place for book marketing, publicity and design advice, ideas and support. In partnership with Clean Prose, the Empowered author offers courses and training sessions with Clean Prose members getting a special discount on personalised services.



POSTSCRIPT is a cultural anthology exploring the multiplicity of contemporary women. Postscript teamed up with Clean Prose to collaborate on the MUSE photography series as well as a yearlong residency for an emerging woman writer of colour working on her first independent project.

Bookswarm logo


Bookswarm is the only digital agency in the UK dedicated to delivering website and e-commerce projects for publishers, authors, literary agents and other book-related businesses. Clean Prose is proud to have partnered with Bookswarm in a reciprocal discount program. For more information, please visit the Bookswarm website.

Clean Prose Food & Beverage Partners


Redemption Bar

In 2014 Redemption created the world’s healthiest bar restaurant, serving up vegan, sugar-free and wheat free food with an alcohol-free bar. It’s right around the corner from Clean Prose at 320 Old St, Hackney, London EC1V 9DR.

Ozone Coffee Roasters Logo

Ozone Coffee

Ozone is Clean Prose’s exclusive coffee bean partner, and we always have delicious coffee brewing in our space. As a coffee company Ozone is committed to building friendships with a huge variety of interesting & talented people who are embarking on new adventures every day. From coffee lovers through to coffee farmers, Ozone connects people.

Joe's Tea Co

Joe’s Teas

Joe’s Tea Co supplies Clean Prose’s lovely array of teas. Joe’s Tea Co was born in 2012 and Joe’s sought-after organic blends have since won 25 Great Taste Awards. Any tea Joe was going to put his name to had to be the best. And by ‘best’ we mean sourced from the most exceptional and ethical organic tea plantations he could find.


Something & Nothing

Something & Nothing’s mission is to refresh people and planet, both literally and holistically, through inspiration, culture, shared values and experiences. There is no weird stuff, added sugar or fake sweeteners. They use grape juice and lemon juice to deliver a blanced and full flavour, then add extracts, botanicals and juices to create their uniquely refreshing and low-calorie seltzers. Members at Clean Prose can choose from our stock of Rose & Hibiscus, Yuzu or Cucumber seltzers in order to “Be curious, not thirsty”.


ChariTea makes soft drinks how they should be: from the best organic ingredients and Fairtrade. Freshly brewed tea leaves, refined with some juice and agave sirup – that’s all. Every bottle purchased supports the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation on a variety of social projects in the growing regions. Clean Prose members can help themselves to our regular stock of ChariTea Mate, a naturally caffeinated iced mate tea with a splash of lemon and orange.

Rude Health Logo

Rude Health

Rude Health supplies our delicious alternative milks that accompany our tea and coffee. Rude Health’s range of dairy free drinks are all made from the finest organic ingredients. The proof is in the taste.

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